Fire prevention and suppression are not modern concepts. We’ve developed regulations and suppression systems after centuries of battling with fires. For example, after the disastrous fire in 64 AD Rome, the city’s streets were widened, building height restrictions were established, and other regulations went into place. The first American building code was enacted in 1631, when it became illegal to build homes with wooden chimneys or thatched roofs in Boston, MA. Later, in 1871, a barn fire consumed one third of growing Chicago, after which codes were established for building spacing and acceptable construction materials.

The first modern sprinkler system was installed in 1812 in the Theater Royal, Drury Lane located in London. The system comprised of an airtight water reservoir, a water main, and a series of smaller, perforated pipes that carried the water throughout the theater. Subsequent systems were patented in 1872 and 1881, and the glass disk sprinkler head that is still used on fire suppression systems today was designed in 1890.

As scientific knowledge and technology have advanced, so too have our fire codes and fire suppression systems. Today, many commercial buildings rely on a fire pump system, which pumps water from an external source into the building at a pressure that will promote the proper functioning of the sprinkler system. The fire pump experts at Aquarius Fluid Products, Inc. can install and maintain your fire suppression system with experienced, reliable service. Contact us for all of your fire pump installation and maintenance needs in the Chicago area. We also do fire pump testing.