Aquarius Fluid Products, Inc. provides fire pump testing to the Chicago area.Are you a business owner trying to keep your building safe from fire? While you take the time to keep your fire suppression system up to date, you probably still hope to never have to use it. Having a fire suppression system that is up to date and ready to work is the best way you can protect your building, your staff, and yourself in the case of a workplace fire, but there are also many other fire prevention tips you can easily put into effect.

Have A Plan

It is important to have an evacuation plan so your staff knows what to do and where to go in the event of a fire. Fires can spread very quickly, and it can be difficult to make quick decisions within such a hot, loud, and smoke filled environment. By giving your staff a plan that has ideally been reviewed and practiced, they will be able to evacuate in an orderly fashion, and you will be able to determine very quickly if anyone is missing.   

Keep The Office Clean

Avoid cluttering up storage rooms, hallways, entryways, or stairways with boxes, paper, or other like clutter. This type of clutter is not only very flammable, but it also creates falling hazards. Your staff won’t be able to evacuate effectively if the exit routes are obstructed. It’s also important to keep the areas in front of electrical control panels clear in case shutting down all power becomes necessary in a fire or other emergency.

Unplug Small Appliances

Electrical appliances, especially kitchen appliances like coffee makers, should be used and stored away from flammable materials, and they should always be unplugged at the end of the day or when they are no longer being used.

Designate Smoking Areas

For employees and customers who smoke, designate a space outdoors away from any flammable materials. This smoking area should have noncombustible receptacles of some sort, so smokers can safely extinguish and dispose of cigarette ends.

Maintain Equipment & Machinery

If your business pursuits involve the use of heavy machinery or other equipment, it is important to keep up with the required maintenance. Equipment and machinery that is not maintained can overheat, and poorly lubricated parts can spark.

Protect Against Arson

Arson, unfortunately, is a fairly common occurrence, with factories and industrial parks being the most affected types of structures. You can help prevent this by picking up flammable rubbish around your building and reporting any suspicious persons to the proper authorities. It is also important to make sure each of your employees follows security procedures for opening up and locking up.

Hold onto these fire safety tips to keep your workplace safe for you and your staff, and don’t forget to keep your fire suppression system maintained. At Aquarius Fluid Products, Inc., we provide the Chicago area with fire pump testing and service. Contact us today for a free consultation.