Fire suppression systems save lives in the event of a fire, but fire prevention is just as important to keep in mind. Many industrial and other commercial fires are started by preventable hazards. If we can familiarize ourselves on some of the more common fire hazards, we can better protect ourselves and our employees. Review the following common causes of fires within industries:

Overloaded Electrical Systems

With the always increasing use of electrically-powered equipment, it’s important to remember your building’s capabilities. Overloaded systems most often cause tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses in older structures, but fire should never be ignored as a possibility.

Flammable and Combustible Materials

It’s important to learn and pay attention to which kinds of materials are flammable or combustible in order to store these materials away from any heat-, flame-, or spark-generating equipment. For example, storing cleaning chemicals near this kind of equipment may be convenient, but it creates an entirely preventable hazard. The storage of large amounts of flammable and combustible materials, such as paper, should be thought out and kept to a minimum.

Improper Handling of Trash

Trash can fires are typically small, controlled fires, but they can burn out of control quickly. Full trash cans, especially those near an open flame or spark-generating equipment, are a huge fire hazard. Keep trash cans emptied, and avoid dropping rags soaked with flammable solvents out of enclosed trash cans.

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