For 30 years Aquarius has helped Consulting Engineers, Fire Sprinkler Contractors and End Users apply, source, commission, maintain and test Fire Pump Systems that comply with local and national life safety and property code requirements. If you’re looking for fire pump testing in Chicago, you’ve came to the right place. Keeping your fire pump maintained is extremely crucial to your entire fire protection system.

Fire pumps are often considered to be the most critical component of a water-based fire protection system because without a fully functional pump, water-based systems can be rendered ineffectual. When a fire occurs in an expansive environment, it can be catastrophic to discover that the fire pump isn’t performing the way it’s supposed to. As equipment that is not utilized on a regular basis, it is vital that the condition of fire protection system components is perpetually evaluated. This is where Aquarius can help you. Our Annual Fire Pump Testing is performed in accordance with NFPA 25 guidelines with coordination between building personnel, fire department and insurance authorities.

Regular inspection and testing can often unearth issues that can be rectified relatively easily but could otherwise result in potentially disastrous consequences if not discovered. It is not uncommon to find a valve in the wrong position following a routine maintenance activity, which could severely impair the pump’s ability to function in an emergency if left unchecked. Suction piping or impeller obstructions are additional examples of impediments that can be remedied through straightforward maintenance when they are detected early through abnormal pressures observed during testing.

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