Notes and Recommendations

During the fire pump test, if needed, our Nolan test engineer will document items he recommends addressing. Such items could be installing new fire pump gauges or a new fire pump casing relief valve.  Or repair or maintenance might be suggested, such as a fire pump repack or new bearings.

The test engineer may also recommend replacing equipment if it is not operating properly and deemed unreliable. Older fire pump controllers may not be up to current NFPA requirements and due to the age, parts no longer available so replacement is necessary.

Run Your Fire Pump Regularly

Just because your annual fire pump test was performed does not mean your fire pump(s) can now be neglected until next year’s test.  Just like an automobile, and just like you and me and our pets, a fire pump needs attention, it needs exercise. That is why the National Fire Protection Association says fire pumps need to run on a regular basis.

Per NFPA 25, electric fire pumps should be operated once a month for 10 minutes and diesel fire pumps once a week for 30 minutes. Remember, when running a fire pump for testing purposes, do not leave it unattended.

If you have questions or concerns about running your fire pump or if you are interested in setting up regularly scheduled churn tests through Nolan, please fee free to contact Nolan.

Keep a Fire Pump Room in Order

In an emergency situation, the fire department may need to get to the fire pump room.  It is imperative to have a safe and clean environment that is in order and the fire pump equipment is accessible. Here are some basic requirements from the Chicago Fire Prevention Bureau.

1. Fire Pump Room Log Book – Maintain a log book and date and initial each time the fire pump is operated.

2. Keep the room clean. A fire pump room should not be used as a storage area.

3. The fire pump room should have adequate lighting.

4. No standing water should be on the floor in the fire pump room.

Contact Nolan with any questions, comments or suggestions regarding our annual fire pump testing, maintenance & repair services.