Your fire suppression system relies on the same thing that your building relies on–power. Without power, your fire pump can’t do its job, and a fire could be even more disastrous. A fire pump system is typically powered by two different sources. The first is the original power source, such as the building’s utility power source, and the second is the backup power source, such as a generator that is protected to ensure minimal fire damage. Fire suppression systems are meant to operate amidst extreme conditions, but if you lose your utility power, there needs to be a backup method for powering the system.

Your fire pump system will switch from the original power source to the alternative power source when it senses the original source dropping below a certain percentage; it does this using the automatic emergency power transfer switch. The power transfer switch is responsible for keeping your fire pump working even after its original power source has been compromised. It does this through the use of sensors which monitor the original power source’s voltage. A malfunctioning power transfer switch means your fire pump system cannot switch to the alternative power source.

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