At Aquarius, we are dedicated to carrying the finest fire safety products and offering the very best service to all of our Chicagoland customers. One brand that offers outstanding products is CLA-VAL, and with nearly 80 years of manufacturing, CLA-VAL is still one of the leading providers of control valves, roll seal valves, and much more. Their products are perfect for your fire sprinkler system, no matter if you’re in a high rise apartment building, a hospital, or a state or federal facility.

Aquarius has a full CLA-VAL product catalog, and we can help you select the proper parts for your fire suppression system. If you’re concerned about the water pressure in your sprinkler system throughout your high rise building, a CLA-VAL valve can let you know that enough water is moving through the pipes, and will be ready in the event of a fire. We carry valves for both horizontal and vertical installation applications, so it makes no difference how your fire pump system is configured.

It’s important, when searching for valves and parts for your fire control system, that you find a brand that you can completely trust. Aquarius trusts CLA-VAL products, and we stand behind them and our service 100 percent. We will install the proper products in your system and make sure that they are fully operational and will work flawlessly when necessary. If you’re interested in securing the finest fire safety products on the market, contact Aquarius today. We look forward to providing you with the very best.