When you’re finishing a new commercial or industrial structure, there are certain codes and guidelines that you have to meet before tenants or businesses can move into the building. At Aquarius Fluid Products in Chicago, we understand that those guidelines may seem like a hurdle at first, but with the proper installation and inspection of your fire pump systems, you can reach approved status and move forward with your construction.

We carry all kinds of pumps and controller systems, and we can configure a fire pump system that fits your building’s layout.  The main purpose of any fire pump system is to control the spread of fire and keep every person safe until they can evacuate the building. If even one component of your system is faulty, it could result in devastating loss. We’ll discuss the proper pump system setup and model for your structure, as well as how often it should be inspected for accurate operation.

If you’re nearing the completion of a new building, and it’s time to install the fire pump system, call Aquarius Fluid Products today. We’ve worked with many contractors in the Chicagoland area, and can advise you on what pump system you need, as well as install the system once it’s time. We want your building project to stay on schedule, and to be protected from fire once the doors are open for business.