Having the proper jockey pumps in place is essential to your building’s fire suppression system, but just as essential is having the proper jockey pump controllers. At Aquarius, we’ve seen fire pump systems that had everything installed correctly, but the jockey pump controller wasn’t working properly, or something wasn’t connected correctly. If we install your pump system from the ground up, we’ll always check for correct connections and setup, so that you can avoid problems in the future. If you have an existing system that you’d like us to take a look at it, we’ll gladly check to see if your controls are up-to-date.

Jockey pump controllers should give you readouts on the pressure of the jockey pumps in your system, as well as the stability of your main fire pump system. You want to avoid unnecessary operation of the main pump, and if there’s an issue with the controls, the pump could come on when it doesn’t need to. Your jockey pump controls should also detect water system leakage, letting you know when there’s an issue that needs to be resolved. Aquarius can provide the correct replacement parts for your pump controller, or if it’s a new project, recommend the proper model size for your building’s configuration.

These controls are an integral part of your main fire suppression system, and if they malfunction, major issues could arise. If you need jockey pump controllers for your Chicagoland building, contact Aquarius Fluid Products today. We’re always ready and willing to help!