Jockey pumps are an integral part of any fire suppression system, and having the proper one installed is very important, since that’s how the pump system senses if there’s a drop in pressure. At Aquarius Fluid Products, we’ve installed jockey pumps all across Chicago, and can help you pick the proper one for your fire prevention setup. If you’re building a new structure, we can come in on day one and discuss all of your fire protocol options, including jockey pumps and controllers.

We offer two kinds of jockey pumps – vertical multistage and horizontal multistage. Depending on the configuration of your fire pump system, we can recommend the proper alignment and position for your jockey pump. Vertical multistage pumps are best where space is at a premium, and the ones we install are sure to last for many years. Every wetted part is made of stainless steel, so you know that they won’t corrode over time. Horizontal pumps are also a good option, and every pump that we use has been hand-assembled and checked during each step of the manufacturing process.

For more information on jockey pumps, or to learn more about vertical and horizontal multistage pumps, please feel free to contact us today. The Aquarius team is always willing to speak with interested parties about fire pumps and controller systems, and we can install a jockey pump wherever it’s needed. We’ve helped many Chicagoland businesses keep their buildings safe and up to code with our pump installation and maintenance.