1. Fire Pump Testing Is Critical For Fire Safety

    Do you know if your fire pump is fit to protect you, your employees, and your building in the event of a fire? The fire pump is a critical piece of a building’s fire sprinkler system, delivering water to the sprinkler heads in the event of a fire. Regular Chicago fire pump testing and inspection is required in order to make sure your fire sprinkler system will be able to protect your building i…Read More

  2. What’s The Condition Of Your Fire Pump?

    For 30 years Aquarius has helped Consulting Engineers, Fire Sprinkler Contractors and End Users apply, source, commission, maintain and test Fire Pump Systems that comply with local and national life safety and property code requirements. If you're looking for fire pump testing in Chicago, you've came to the right place. Keeping your fire pump maintained is extremely crucial to your entire fire pr…Read More

  3. How to Choose the Right Fire Pump System for Your Chicago Building

    Choosing the right fire pump system for your Chicago building is imperative to the safety of the structure and the people inside in case of an emergency. When you go about choosing a system for your space, there are several factors you'll want to take into consideration: The codes that regulate your area. The National Fire Protection Association is a great place to start. They've developed the sta…Read More

  4. What to Expect After Fire Pump Testing in Chicago

    What happens during a visit from our Chicago fire pump testing teams is pretty standard. We follow the National Fire Protection Agency's 25 guidelines for testing, and we make sure that we perform the test while treating your building and your employees with respect. You'll appreciate how thorough and professional our fire pump testing team is on each visit to your space. We'll answer any question…Read More

  5. 3 Reasons You Should Choose Us to Install Your Chicago Fire Pumps

    You know that fire pumps are an essential part of the safety system in your Chicago building, and you'll want to ensure they are correctly installed and properly maintained in order to avoid property damage and loss of life. When you are searching for a company to install your new fire pumps, we have three great reasons to choose Aquarius for the job: We use only the finest products for your build…Read More

  6. How Often You Need Chicago Fire Pump Testing

    We've been doing fire pump testing in Chicago for 30 years now, and one of the most common questions we get from customers is how often they should be running tests on their fire pump equipment. Most building managers and owners know that annual inspections of their fire pumps are imperative, but they may neglect to do the weekly testing that is also incredibly important to ensuring their equipme…Read More

  7. Professional Fire Pump Testing in Chicago

    In order to ensure that a piece of equipment or machinery is working properly, and will continue to do so, it's important to test it regularly. This is true for your car, which you take in for tune-ups, as well as your body, which is why you visit the doctor for check-ups. Regular testing will help pinpoint potential issues and identify problems that need to be addressed, as well as parts that nee…Read More

  8. Ensure the Safety of Your Building with New Fire Pumps in Chicago

    Before you move your company into a new building - whether you had the structure built or it was an existing location - the first thing to have done is a thorough and detailed inspection. You check the structural integrity of the building, make sure the heating and cooling is up-to-date, and ensure that all the necessary safety protocols are in place. Some of the most important safety protocols i…Read More

  9. Variable Speed Jockey Pump Controllers

    Some of the most annoying problems with fire pump systems are related to the jockey pump controller.  They can chatter, trip circuit breakers or fuses, cause water hammer, and they can even overpressure the system.  These problems are all solved with a Variable Speed Jockey Pump Controller. With the through door display, you can monitor the following: system pressure, motor volts, amps, …Read More

  10. Fire Pump Motor Conduit Boxes and Insulation

    It's imperative for connections in fire pump motor conduit boxes to have adequate insulation.Too often upon start-up we see the fire pump controller tripping due to a short between a motor/controller connection and the conduit box.  Check out image from recent project.…Read More