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Welcome Midwest Fire Pump Testing Customers

Annual fire pump testing is performed in accordance with National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 25 guidelines, and is coordinated between building personnel, the local fire department, and insurance authorities. Fire suppression systems and equipment operation is verified and confirmed with building personnel, and a certified test report is then generated including any concerns and/or recommendations..

Scheduling Your Annual Fire Pump Test

When you schedule your annual fire pump test(s) with Nolan, you can feel confident, knowing that we provide the following services:

  • Schedule a test date
  • Contact the Fire Department
  • Call or Send you a reminder prior to test date
  • Perform your annual fire pump test efficiently and professionally
  • Address any concerns or recommendations noted during the pump test
  • Provide a detailed computer generated test report which can be sent directly to your insurance company and local fire department
  • Provide a quotation for recommended repairs or equipment replacement noted on the fire pump test report

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