1. Your Fire Pump Test Was Performed This Year…Now What?

    Notes and Recommendations During the fire pump test, if needed, our Nolan test engineer will document items he recommends addressing. Such items could be installing new fire pump gauges or a new fire pump casing relief valve.  Or repair or maintenance might be suggested, such as a fire pump repack or new bearings. The test engineer may also recommend replacing equipment if it is not operating p…Read More

  2. Watch Out For These Common Industrial Fire Hazards

    Fire suppression systems save lives in the event of a fire, but fire prevention is just as important to keep in mind. Many industrial and other commercial fires are started by preventable hazards. If we can familiarize ourselves on some of the more common fire hazards, we can better protect ourselves and our employees. Review the following common causes of fires within industries: Overloaded Elect…Read More

  3. A Short History Of Fire Prevention And Suppression

    Fire prevention and suppression are not modern concepts. We’ve developed regulations and suppression systems after centuries of battling with fires. For example, after the disastrous fire in 64 AD Rome, the city’s streets were widened, building height restrictions were established, and other regulations went into place. The first American building code was enacted in 1631, when it became illeg…Read More

  4. Six Tips for Workplace Fire Safety

    Are you a business owner trying to keep your building safe from fire? While you take the time to keep your fire suppression system up to date, you probably still hope to never have to use it. Having a fire suppression system that is up to date and ready to work is the best way you can protect your building, your staff, and yourself in the case of a workplace fire, but there are also many other fir…Read More

  5. Fire Pump Testing Is Critical For Fire Safety

    Do you know if your fire pump is fit to protect you, your employees, and your building in the event of a fire? The fire pump is a critical piece of a building’s fire sprinkler system, delivering water to the sprinkler heads in the event of a fire. Regular Chicago fire pump testing and inspection is required in order to make sure your fire sprinkler system will be able to protect your building i…Read More

  6. What’s The Condition Of Your Fire Pump?

    For 30 years Aquarius has helped Consulting Engineers, Fire Sprinkler Contractors and End Users apply, source, commission, maintain and test Fire Pump Systems that comply with local and national life safety and property code requirements. If you're looking for fire pump testing in Chicago, you've came to the right place. Keeping your fire pump maintained is extremely crucial to your entire fire pr…Read More

  7. What to Expect After Fire Pump Testing in Chicago

    What happens during a visit from our Chicago fire pump testing teams is pretty standard. We follow the National Fire Protection Agency's 25 guidelines for testing, and we make sure that we perform the test while treating your building and your employees with respect. You'll appreciate how thorough and professional our fire pump testing team is on each visit to your space. We'll answer any question…Read More

  8. How Often You Need Chicago Fire Pump Testing

    We've been doing fire pump testing in Chicago for 30 years now, and one of the most common questions we get from customers is how often they should be running tests on their fire pump equipment. Most building managers and owners know that annual inspections of their fire pumps are imperative, but they may neglect to do the weekly testing that is also incredibly important to ensuring their equipme…Read More

  9. Professional Fire Pump Testing in Chicago

    In order to ensure that a piece of equipment or machinery is working properly, and will continue to do so, it's important to test it regularly. This is true for your car, which you take in for tune-ups, as well as your body, which is why you visit the doctor for check-ups. Regular testing will help pinpoint potential issues and identify problems that need to be addressed, as well as parts that nee…Read More